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Questions & Answers

The most frequently asked questions from our customers using our panel

Our system immediately assigns followers to your account when you place an order with us. To avoid potential problems with Instagram's spam detection, we use a specialized algorithm developed exclusively by us to distribute the new followers over the days gradually.

This method ensures that Instagram's algorithm will not flag your account. The rate at which we add new followers is determined by the size of your current audience and your desired target audience.

The more followers you have, the faster we can launch your order. Typically, deployments begin within 48 hours of purchase. Our turnaround time is the fastest of all suppliers

We understand the importance of maintaining a legitimate social media presence, which is why we only provide authentic, high-quality followers. Cheap, low-quality followers can lead to account flags or bans, and we want to ensure that our clients avoid such penalties.

All the followers provided by us are real users, ensuring that your account's integrity remains intact while using our services.

Our team has extensive experience in this field, and we have a successful track record of growing thousands of accounts through our methods. We have not encountered a single account being banned due to purchasing followers from SocialKey

The number of followers you have can greatly impact your online presence. Many viewers use the number of followers as a gauge of credibility before deciding to follow an account. This phenomenon is known as "social proof" and is crucial for building brand awareness. A low follower count may prevent people from taking you seriously, even if you are an expert in your field. Instagram places a great emphasis on numbers, and a large follower count is a key aspect of a strong presence on the platform.

Whether you are a new account looking to gain traction quickly or an established account needing a boost, buying followers from DiggiT can be a beneficial decision for your Instagram account. We provide organic followers within minutes of placing your order.

You can also buy Instagram likes from SocialKey